It’s a Flocking Frenzy!

Order your FlockYard Kit and let’s flock the country

What Is It?

Flocking History

Did you know that back in the 50s and 60s flocking people’s houses with pink plastic flamingos was like the “in” thing to do? Yes, friends would flock other friends’ yards as a gag for birthday or retirement, etc.

The tradition quickly became a fundraiser for charities: Sally would donate $50 to have her friend Susie’s yard flocked and the charity would go flock her yard with dozens of flamingos. Sometimes they would “charge” Susie another $50 donation to have them removed!

It’s been a great, fun-loving, and impactful fundraiser for hundreds of charities around the country and we think it is only fitting that we get in on the flocking, too.

How it Works

Get Flocking

Order Your Kit

Head over to the checkout and tell us how many kits you want and where we should ship them to.

If you are a PTP registrant or an existing fundraiser with your own page, please give us the email address that you used to sign up so we can easily give you credit for your flocking.

Check Your Mail

Each kit will contain 50 birds, a promotional sign, a press release that you can customize, and a sample card/note you can use to leave at each of the houses you flock. We will also create a custom webpage for you so your potential customers can sign up and check out! You may want to flock your own yard for a week so that all your neighbors can read the sign and know that you are now in the flocking business. Send the press release to your local media outlets along with some pictures of your flock and sign. This will help drum up your sales! At the same time, use social media to promote your new venture to friends in your community.

Start booking dates!

We suggest that each flocking last 24-48 hours so that you can take your birds to the next yard asap. Keep a calendar with all your own referrals and don’t be afraid to ask team members or friends/family members to help you do these flockings. In addition to the direct inquiries you get from your promotional sign, PTP (Gayle Turney) will notify you of any bookings requests that come directly to PTP so that you can coordinate with the potential buyer.

Collect Donations

After confirming the flocking job with the buyer, give them the link to your fundraising page and tell them to make the donation asap to finalize the transaction.

Rinse & Repeat

After the flocking job is over, remove the birds and do the next one on the list.

If you want to get jiggy with it, consider asking the recipient to make a $50 donation to remove the birds sooner than the 24 or 48 hour flocking contract. And maybe another $25 to guarantee that the birds don’t ever return! Have fun with it and get to know each customer so you can maximize the experience for everyone.

Get Reimbursed!

If you want to be reimbursed the $200 for the flocking kit, send an email to us at and include the names of at least 4 flocking customers that have made donations to your fundraising page and the Foundation will refund you $200.